(Release date: 2015 / Trilogy completed & being edited)




The trilogy begins when an interstellar probe crashes into the wheat fields of the reclusive farmer Samuel Dooley. The farmer drags the huge device into his barn, hiding it from the government which has tracked its decent. He begins the lengthy process of deciphering the strange script etched into its surface, eventually coming to realize that the bizarre inscriptions are a set of instructions for the probe’s construction, believing that only once the probe is  ‘properly’ constructed will it become active.

The tale becomes complicated when a young visitor to the farm slips into the barn and discovers the amazing device which is mutating almost daily. Samuel Dooley the farmer, the strange young man and a teenage girl from a neighboring farm become entangled in an odd web as the probe becomes self-aware, coming to learn of the people it has been ‘constructed by’, as well as the world beyond the confines of Samuel Dooley’s barn.

Things become complicated when the teenage girl becomes enamored with this strange young man ‘visiting’ Samuel, and the pair disagree with Samuel Dooley’s plan to keep the amazing device hidden from the world.

Eventually the probe is discovered and  ‘requisitioned’ by the government. When the probe reveals that those who sent it out into space not only traveled to earth long before it arrived, but affected the cultural and religious development of Earth do factions in the government move to destroy the probe fearing society can not deal with the probe’s truths.

The probe evolves from being an amazing source of knowledge to a security risk. Being too outspoken the probe is deemed to be too socially destabilising to allow the public to become aware of it.

Not only it this a sci/fi tale, but a love story what involves two people from very different backgrounds, as well as the political and social dynamics of middle America when confronted by unacceptable  philosophic tenants based on a reality America is not ready to acknowledge.




Almost fifty years after the probe crashed in Samuel Dooley’s wheat field the world has changed and moved on.  Logan is a detective who has the ability to read a person’s mind and utilizes this ability to work as a modern-day bounty hunter much to the displeasure of the law enforcement agencies who must pay him a fee for every criminal he delivers.

Though he is self-serving, interested only in the profits reaped from his lucrative if unusual occupation, his destiny is changed when he is hired by the industrialist Martin Drexel to find his daughter who has become involved with a political terrorist. As the story unfolds Logan comes to learn that there is much more at stake than money or politics. That the government, along with the industrialist Martin Drexel, are all searching for Drexel’s daughter as her kidnapper possesses a stolen computer program known as the Gene Sequencer. Whoever possesses The Program will have the ability to manipulate DNA to a degree that new life forms can be manufactured.

The story becomes complicated when Logan learns that his abilities are not natural, but are a bi-product of ‘The Probe’s’ manipulation of his parent’s genome on the farm of Samuel Dooley. The story accelerates as he learns of the existence of a sub-culture who are themselves manipulating human DNA. The group’s  awareness of this science makes them the vanguard in the battle to prevent the Gene Sequencer from being utilized.

Eventually it becomes clear that though the ‘Probe’ was destroyed a half century earlier, it managed to transfer the  essence of its personality into an early form of the Internet. Though hidden the Probe’s  matrix still exists. In time this artificial intelligence assumes the persona of the farmer  ‘Samuel Dooley’. Taking on the responsiblity of protecting those it helped create before it’s anticipated destruction fifty years earlier. Once again the Probe is pitted against the government’s ambitions, however now it is a government who is fearless in their ambitions to open doors which should be closed.

Logan eventually becomes involved with a species secretly created by the government to serve as humanity’s slaves. Through Logan, these slaves find a new identity and reason to exist outside of the sanctioned confines of their obligations to their human masters.




Logan awakes almost hundred years after his last memory; that of being assassinated by the government because he was viewed as a political liability. Not only has the world changed, where North America is a well organized society of genetically modified humans, but Logan has become a mythical character of  huge historical and political importance. Beyond that Logan’s abilities to see into the soul of another is sought by the new rulers of  ‘The North’, pitting both him and his lover who was revived when he was, into harms way.

As Logan and his lover try to make their way in this new world they come to realize that those in power intend to conceal them from the public and breed them in the hopes of replicating their unique traits.

Believing there is only one alternative for himself and his children that government has clandestinely produced, Logan escapes on a transport delivering prisoners to the abandoned continent of Africa. Africa is quarantined from the rest of the world following decades of wars where the various factions  created millions of self replicating creatures as soldier surrogates. Having lost control of the monsters they created, those fighting over the natural resources of Africa have long since abandoned the infested continent. Now Africa is a prison and extermination zone for the politically undesirable of the North, and it is into this world which Logan flees with his child.

Logan’s journey through Africa and eventually Europe reveals a world politically fractured and radically affected by the genetic manipulation ‘program’  known in legend as the Gene Sequencer. Though Logan had tried to control the Gene Sequencer a century earlier, it has led to the creation of a world he no longer recognizes… but one in which he must survive to protect his child.

Eventually Logan discovers that his only real allies are those descendants of the slaves he helped enlighten before his previous death. These genetically modified humanoids who have abandoned earth now hold the high ground of space, choosing to make a world of their own rather than compete with human’s on the surface.

(Authors note:  As with the other books listed on this site, The Rains of Change Chronicles is a completed series. Editing is scheduled to be completed in 2014)