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Masterful story-teller Blue Griffiths introduces us to an ancient, noble race long lost to legend – the nearly immortal Elffynn. Having lived invisibly alongside humanity since ‘The Scattering’, Elffynn are marked by physical superiority, a vicious nature and the ability to enhance sensuality through the “Cascade“. Under the stress of human’s ever-increasing numbers the Elffynn culture begins to fracture.

Bry Karloff, a powerful thousand-year-old sorceress, tortured by the memories of seeing her son burned at the stake, plots to increase the Elffynn population by infiltrating X-N Genetics Corporation. By impregnating scores of human mothers with her own eggs, Bry sets in motion a breeding program that rocks the Elffynn world.

Fearing they will become identifiable through their mapped DNA, an exposure that could lead to open war with humanity, various factions of Elffynn scramble to stop the sorceress’s conspiracy. Others are more concerned that the elflings produced by X-N Genetics are being raised by their unsuspecting human parents outside of traditional Elffynn influence.

To halt Bry Karloff’s experiment Chandor the Mariner enlists a rebellious young Elffynn and an ancient Dökkslayer who is dedicated to exterminating the sadistic BlackElffynn. If he can capture “The Children” Chandor hopes that Elffynn can survive Karloff’s insane scheme, however he soon realizes he is being charmed by the very elflings he is pursuing.

Blue Griffiths has blended sophisticated fantasy and future fiction to create the thrilling opening act of this fast-paced series. Elffynn can be enjoyed on its own, or as the introduction to the epic series.