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At the conclusion of Elffynn II, Chandor brings the Monastery a transmission intercept provided to him by the American intelligence operative Harvey Kingsley. It reveals that the Cultivators, an ancient and lost clan of Elffynn, are returning to acquire “the Child,” identified in the transmission by her Birthmark — the mysterious tattoo unique to every Elffynn female hidden beneath the skin reflecting the sum of the bearer’s genetic composition.

The Conservatory, an Order of Elffynn scientists possessing extreme wealth and power, are eager to locate the Child before the Monastery does. The rivalries between the powerful Elffynn Orders dates back to the Scattering. Using clues found in the transmission’s codes, the Conservatory sanctions the Elffynn mercenaries of the Gyld to locate and kidnap the Child.

The American intelligence services who were first to decode the interstellar communication are alarmed by the quotes from Genesis threatening a cataclysm. Moving blindly against the threat, innocent Elffynn are ensnared in the CIA’s web. When their agent, Harvey Kingsley, enlists his Elffynn friend Chandor to translate the arcane Elffynn text within the transmission the struggle begins to spin out of control.

Every faction is frantic to solve the mystery of the Cultivators and understand the implications of their impending arrival. Most are convinced that the mysterious Child is one of the sorceress Bry Karloff’s creations – a product of her insidious breeding program. This forces the elves who have adopted these elflings into conflict with both the Cultivators and the powerful Orders who seek the child for their own ends.

A master in blending sophisticated fantasy and contemporary future fiction, Blue Griffiths takes the reader to the edge of Elffynn history, as this noble people are forced to confront their origins in order to grasp who they really are.