(Release: 2014)



As Elffynn III draws to a conclusion Commander Ambor Sarron is preparing to leave Earth with the Child bearing the Birthmark identified by the Cultivators. Surrendering her is the only hope to end the devastating war which is being waged in the Faraway between Elffynn and the Cultivator’s army of the Horde.

What only the Child suspects is that Færie have been manipulating the genetics of Elffynn both on Earth and in the Faraway for longer than history. It has been Fairy who have battled the Cultivators for the last ten millennia and are now compelled to reassert themselves as the conflict engulfs the Three Worlds. This has the unexpected consequence of forcing the Child to not only protect her sisters who bear the ‘Birthmark’, but to use them in a chess game spanning the Three Worlds.

During the return to the Faraway, Ambor’s ship is waylaid and Mikka, the sister of  ‘The Child’ is spirited away to the Worlds. Mikka’s training to reach her potential as the Warrior Child becomes a test of surviving the viciousness of the Worlds. Strangely her tutor is an uncompromising Færie refuses to join the battles, and seems reluctant to even offer advice. In the end it is what Mikka learns traveling the worlds under the tutoring of the Færie that changes her into the Warrior Child, a being who will lead both Elffynn and Færie against the Cultivators.

The Secret of the Three Worlds brings a climatic resolution of the epic Elffynn saga. The mystery of how Elffynn came to be is revealed and the conflict between humanity, elves, the Cultivators and Færie  finally collides in a battle spanning the Three Worlds.

Not only have Cultivators deceived them all, but the majik of Three Worlds holds the keys to the riddle of all four races.