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Kate Summers believed that fleeing New York city for the plains of the mid-west would offer a safe place to begin her career as an attorney. Life should be easier in the land of wheat. The people simpler. Her brains, beauty and ruthlessness assets giving her an advantage.

How could Kate have anticipated her encounter with young Mark Farmer at the scene of a bloody car wreck? Or imagine that this unassuming boy could reach out and heal the dying driver with a touch of his hands. Kate’s cunning nature saw Mark’s rare gift as an opportunity, his ability more valuable than gold. Capitalizing on the awareness that the wealthy would pay a fortune to have their health restored, Kate draws Mark Farmer down a path neither could have anticipated.

What even Kate could not have predicted were the lengths the rich would go to influence how Mark used his abilities. Or that this unassuming young man would have movie stars falling for him and the politically powerful manipulating who received the benefits of his gift. More astounding was that Mark Farmer seemed to be weathering the attention and his growing wealth as easily as he healed the dying.

However things are rarely what they seem, especially when Kate comes to understand what it means to wield the Radiance… and the price one might pay for doing so.