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Blue Griffiths returns with the thrilling continuation of the Elffynn saga. Deep in the Himalayan mountains lies the mysterious Elffynn Monastery. Hidden within its walls for more than a millennia is the treasured Scroll, a compilation of Elffynn’s fantastic store of knowledge and a guide to mental dominance in the Shaolin tradition. Though guarded by monks, the Scroll is stolen forcing the Monastery to enlist the roguish Chandor the Mariner to retrieve it. Little do they know that a copy of the Scroll has been made and is to be sold to Bry Karloff, the dark sorceress who desires it for her own sinister purposes.

Trystenn Beckensale, a child of Karloff’s breeding program within the X-N Genetics Corporation, has grown up ignorant of her Elffynn roots. After the loss of her human parents she finds herself forced to survive on the streets utilizing beauty and the mystical ability to “Cascade” — the Elffynn skill of enhancing a sensual experience. Through the Cascade Trystenn is on her way to become the world’s preeminent escort amassing immense wealth and political connections. As she comes to grip with her true nature, Trystenn finds herself drawn into the complex Elffynn world of violent intrigue.

At the center of the adventure stands Lord Tomillinn, one of the leaders responsible for the “Scattering” of the Elffynn clans thirteen centuries ago. Many Ancient Ones, bitter at having to conceal their true nature from humans in order to survive, continue to plot against the Scattering even if their defiance could ignite an Elffynn civil war. Divisions between Elffynn intensify when the sorceress refuses to follow through with her commitments to halt the artificial impregnation of human females to produce Elffynn children, compelling Lord Tomillinn to give up his peaceful life and intervene.

As Elffynn and humans struggle to acquire the Scroll and unlock its incredible secrets, the Monastery is convinced that the world is not yet ready for such extraordinary power and will do anything to prevent its revelations from being known.

Again Blue Griffiths has blended sophisticated fantasy and contemporary future fiction to produce a rich, complex tale drawing the reader further into the domain of Elffynn, an incredible race struggling to find its place in the modern world.