After having worked in the yachting industry in his youth, Blue Griffiths purchased a yacht on which he circumnavigated. During the course of his travels Blue completed his body of work: The Elffenn Chronicles consisting of five novels, the trilogy Rains of Change and four stand-alone novels. Sailing and traveling were broken up by extended stays in the South Pacific and the Orient. Blue has spent almost ten years in Africa sailing and running safari camps in both Kenya and Zambia. He believes that Africa provided a unique insights into the brutal realities of animal interaction and the extraordinary beauty of ruthless evolution. Managing various projects around the world exposed him to a variety of cultures which influenced his unique voice. For the last few years Blue has found himself drawn back to Big White Ski Resort in Canada to spend time with is daughter.

Authors Note:

All of the books listed are completed works and are either in the editorial process or are slated to be.