(Release: 2015)



Those caught up in the Faraway War have returned to Earth hoping the violence that became all too familiar has been left behind. However Lehmann’s warning that her sister Roceana’s future involves the PannǼlffynn, commonly known to legend as Pandora, sets Roceana’s on a path to a perilous future. Though her guardians try to insulate the child, they finally accept that Pandora is not going to be detoured as she’s been awaiting ‘the child’ for over ten thousand years.

Seven years earlier Reynak Riddix refused to join Dustynn on his journey to the Faraway and began a life delving into Elffynn sensuality. Rejecting the brutality of the dökkǼlffynn obsession to steal human auras at the moment of death she finds herself being hunted. To cover their sinister rites they now travel disguised as vampires and must silence Reynak for the secrets she knows.

In 1775 Detective Dumont VanHelsing stumbles upon the beautiful dökkǼlffynn Norhanna Malacon, leader of a coven whose fixation is the Ǽlfablót, the perversion of the Elffynn rite, hoping to steal auras to revive their lost luminescence. Believing these Elffynn were vampires, Detective VanHelsing makes a deal with Malacon condemning his descendants to a recurring cycle of involvement with this vicious dökkǼlffynn. Beyond that the author Bram Stoker becomes aware of the VanHelsing journal chronicling the family’s struggle. Stoker plagiarizes the VanHelsing journal, institutionalizing vampires in human consciousness and giving, Norhanna Malacon’s coven of dökkǼlffynn the perfect cover for their blood lusts.

Over two centuries after Dumont VanHelsing’s confrontation with Malacon, his descendant Vanessa Helsing resolves to use her power as a wealthy banker to end Norhanna Malacon’s sadistic hold on her family. By hiring mercenaries to kill Malacon, little does Vanessa realize the chaos she has unleashed when she attacks Malacon’s black Elffynn.

Roceana and her guardians become caught up in the repercussions of Reynak Riddix involvement with Norhanna Malacon’s coven of dökkǼlffynn. Pandora, once believed to be a thing of human myth, reveals herself as the White Elf, the oldest and most ruthless of all Elffynn, Roceana’s future as an Elffynn of the ljöt is threatened as she is coerced by this powerful creature.